Friday, June 12, 2009

the coke machine in the moonlight

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twists his tail on the horizon the scattered rocks behind the tree the shell station

"i'm going to make her my girl."

she's behind the tree white doves look its big mike hey guys hey guys look the scattered rocks shes behind the tree the shall station the scattered rocjs taking her time hey guys whiye doves red hair its big mike white clouds is big mike look its

"and they never even said they were sorry."

big mike shes the shell station white hands the shell station the scattered rocks taking their time the serpent the serpent twists his tail red hair taking it all in on the horizon she is real red hair hey guys the serpent on the horizon twists his tail twists his tail takes it all in stride they arrive check out

"why shouldn't i take my time, cowboy?"

they arrive and a diet coke check out get your blast off blast off these monuments to the fallen privately i told him out if they arrive and the sun between jupiter an eight cylinder and a diet coke an eight cylinder these stately monuments between jupiter at last and a diet vole blast off between jupiter o masyer

"what's a vole?'

"i don't know, why don't you look it up?"

at last out of o master get your head an eight cylinder between jupiter and the sun
"i like the cut of that young man's jib."
check out at last
and the sun out of and a diet coke at last bet your head check out blast off an eight cylinder

everybody laughed at lieutenant perry behind his back

they arrive privately you know out of the most extreme privacy these stately monuments o mater these formidable mercenaries get my goat

your head and the sun o master we'll keep this beetween ourselves the moon everybody sleeping

but nobody laughed when

that's some deep truth that's some very deep truth and nebraska through arkansas with his best gal pop jenkins on the bus pop jenkins gimping silent on that kind old lady a real old fashioned with the mail everybody sleeping everybody sleeping with the mail on the bus with that nice girl coke machine that's the truth partner

the nice girl leaning against the coke machine in the moonlight

silent silent and nebraska coke machine with that nasty girl on the bus a real old fashioned pop jenkins pop jenkins and nebraska coke machine

'i bet we could really get to be friends."

"aw, go on."

through arkansas a real old fashioned through arkansas gimping the moon a real old fashioned on the bus gimping with the mail gimping silent the moon and nebraska that is the truth brother through arkansas coke machine you were safe running away



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