Sunday, October 25, 2009

on this silent planet the blue rain tries to speak

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"what are these men doing here?"
that will never melt in a puddle the last star that will never fade eyes
"lay on with a will, bosun."
"stop that noise, please stop that infernal noise."
a wrinkled foot in a puddle
"not so fast, captain. we've had just about enough of your bon mots."
"i'm only one man, judge."

that will never fade
"these are good men, sir."
"certainly i'll run her out of town, if you insist."
"in my day a man wasn't considered to be properly dreseed unless he had a good shine on his shoes."
the last star
"i wouldn't say that all the townsfolk were for it."

that will never melt like gray glaciers
"these are good men, captain."
"please stop that noise."

eyes sticking up
"you can butt out of my affiars."
"please, please shut up.'

a wrinkled foot sticking up the last star like gray glaciers
"but their day is over."
"these are good men, major"
that will never fade a wrinkled foot eyes the last star in a puddle sticking up in a puddle
'you've mentioned that a few times already.
"oh, step on it."

"it's easy to talk about the past, captain. the hard part is to see what's happening now."
im going to walk across the desert just to get in my right mind

something is not quite right here
eyes a wrinkled foot that will never fade then another
"babe ruth was one man in a million."
in the black gutters
"actually i prefer chow mein."
"a little problem has come up with the newspapers. and i'm counting on you, callahan, to deal with it."

"i'm not a diplomat.sir.'
then another in the black gutters a shot rang out

"no but you've got the gift. as no man has ever had the gift before"
they left last week
i know nothing
a shot rang out. shaking his umbrella a shot rang out
"he had a gun."
"well, we heard the shots, i imagine he did,"
a coffeee cup swirling rain shaking his umbrella steaming forever swirling rain

"they left last week."
"well in that case there's no hope of catching them, is there?"

a coffee cup permit me
"i wish i could help you."
in the black gutters swirling rain a shot rang out a coffee cup permit me
"you must believe me."
"i believe you, miss. i will do everything i can to help you."
in the black gutters permit me a coffee cup and softeyed miss luna shaking his umbrella steaming forever then another then another swirling rain

"they left last week. there is no way we can catch them."
lefty smiled shaking his umbrella
"by this time they're a thousand miles away."
and soft voiced miss luna and softly smiling miss luna steaming forever

"sales tax? what's that?"
and the dead man and the dead man the blue rain nothing is softer over the lovers

"you know this sales tax is a pain."
that's the most incredible story i've ever heard
nothing is softer and the dead man

"still, if they're willing to pay - "
"our love will get us off this island."
the sales tax is on it everywhere you go
the trees bend
"you see walter the gummint has put a tax of three cents on evvything and they call it the sales tax and you have to pay it"
"even on cigarettes?'
the trees bend the wind whistles
"even on cigarettes."

callahan across the street the rain in his face miss luna looks up
"that is the most outrageous thing i have ever heard of."
'i'll search for six months, for one thousand pounds sterling."
the golden lantern
"so - this is how the noble captain treats the weak and innocent. "

over the lovers the weak golden lantern nothing is softer over the lovers
'let us rest now, beloved."
nothing is softer
"no better than a common swindler."
the blue rain
"don't worry so, dearest, about getting off the island."
tried to speak tried to speak
"you have the tongue of a missionary."

then the rain the trees bend
"look - have you ever seen such a bird."

the blue rain over the lovers the golden lantern on this silent planet
"no better than a shoeshine boy from shanghai."
"you have the face of an angel."
on this silent planet on this silent planet than the rain the golden lantern and the dead man
'nature will care for us, as it cares for the bird."

"how i wish i could believe that."
"three cents sales tax on everything!'
tried to speak

"the bird is gone, flown away.
the trees bend the blue wind then the rain hurrying across grant avenue to the diner
"i've been on boats before."
on this silent planet than the rain tried to speak the trees bend with a knife there is always

"i have a proposition for you."
there is always with a knife a fat man no are on the move the ant-men
"skeptical as always, my dear friend."
already there is always no
"beautiful, isn't she?"
there is always yes
"i've never seen an ant man.'

the ant-men
a fat man
"well, you have a right to be skeptical."
with a knife
"and this island proposition - do you think i'm some boffer just out of school."
"i have another proposition for you."
"a great deal has been said."

yes a fat man no the ant-men
"a great deal has been said. very little has been done."
"i have an even better proposition. listen carefully."
"beautiful, isn't she?"
yes no

"how about making this great deal?"
already the ant-men with a knife are on the move yes
a great deal has been said beautiful isn't she always on the move i have a proposition for you already
"we sit here in club chairs, with iced drinks, having a civilized conversation."

a fat man are on the move
'i suppose you could say that."
"while a few hundred yards away, the real work of the world - murder -is being done.'
"aren't you being a bit melodramatic?"
miss luna looks up and sees callahan coming through the door with rain dripping off his hat

sales tax
the trees bend


Monday, October 5, 2009

fingerptips of the nameless god were terrified

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to be properly a good pair of shoes dressed she's back captain a good pair of shoes in the muck behind the jungle with her painted eyes like a fist in a dead man's guts in the muck unless he was wearing unless he was wearing she's back captain behind the jungle like a fist she's back captain a good pair of shoes behind the jungle

a good pair of shoes in the muck in a dead man's guts like a fist with her emerald eyes i remember when a man unless he was wearing to be properly dressed remember when a man wasn't considered wasn't considered i remember when a man behind the jungle wasn't considered in the muck a good pair of shoes the devil woman wasn't considered i remember when a man to be properly dressed the devil woman the red sun disappeared

"i'm not intimidating you, am i?"
she's back captain the devil woman the red sun disappeared to be properly dressed with her flashing eyes unless he was wearing like a fist the devil woman in a dead man's guts
"no, not at all."
the red sun disappeared in a dead man's guts with her laughing eyes the red sun disappeared
"that's good, because if i intimidate you i hate to think what the rajah will do."
'well when all's said and done he's still just a bloody wog, isn't he?"

"good heavens, no rain?" or the thin woman the copper features good heavens no the fat man or the thin woman the peanut futures the fat man of the nameless god were terrified were terrified fingertips fingertips even the boys do you remember lit
"i'm glad you came along charlie, you've been very useful."

a cigarette the missionary good heavens no lit a cigarette do you remember brown shoes good gracious no brown shoes the bronze gong of the nameless god even the boys the fat man rain? fingertips of the nameless god were terrified even the boys were terrified even the boys were terrified do you remember the fat man lit a cigarette brown shoes the missionary or the thin woman of the nameless god rain what rain? take the last train on the ocean breeze and opium on the ocean breeze
"papers? i have something much better than papers."

mosquitoes raw whiskey after he's dead you can shine his shoes and opium in moonlight sing lee el dorado and opium
'you're supposed to be a diplomat, johnson. start acting like one, if you please."
"and on a hot night, with the rebels twenty miles upriver?"
is a long way away in the twilight mosquitoes in moonlight is a long away you can shine his shoes and opium sing lee mosquitoes in the twilight in moonlight after he's dead is a long way away
"i know you."
"i went to missionary school."
el dorado mosquitoes in the twilight
'where i learned many things to be sure."

in moonlight el dorado sing lee you can shine his shoes raw whiskey after he's dead in my dreams
you can shine his shoes sing lee raw whiskey in the twilight
they have memories not like the englishman
"may i see your papers, miss?"
a pit bull has no wings but he gets there just the same
on the ocean breeze
"let's have a drink."
i saw a sign in the window girl wanted sixteen years - that's a long time to wait for a girl
is a long way away after he's dead el dorado on the ocean breeze raw whiskey lost forever talk to me talk to me

'ii don't like that fresh talk,"
with silver wings tap their heels at high tide nobody asked you a single butterfly at high tide the cleaning ladies at high tide on broadway on grant avenue countdown
"i really like you."
the match girls at high tide you're under arrest with silver wings lost forever with silver wings
'i don't like that kind of talk."
'but i really like you."
a single butterfly countdown nobody asked you on post street lost forever a single butterfly nobody asked you click their heels click their heels together

i'm telling you for the last time"
you're under arrest nobody asked you
'but i really mean it."
you're under arrest
"i'm going to report you.'
"i'm completely sincere, honest,"
where was you mama when the train left the shed
talk to me on columbus avenue like gray glaciers floating along that will never melt that will never melt


Saturday, September 26, 2009

yes i will have the afterjets on vallejo street

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total viceroy thank you at last you tried krajewski koreski thank you yes i will have the afterjets on vallejo street a black pigeon a red seagull

late in the evening of the sixteenth of february, --79, after a rough
voyage which lasted thirty-two days, joyful exclamations were heard
everywhere on deck.

count mickiewicz come up here my religion at least you tried the vanishing stars on mission street my religion at least you tried thank you another cup the afterjets at least you tried did i mention that before
the vanishing stars the vanishing stars another cup the burning of thank you the burning of come up here a white dove on 16th street yes i will have the vanishing

cards, books, music, everything was forgotten. everyone rushed on deck.
the stars winked at us like so many huge
eyes in the black sky, on one side of which shone the golden gate bridge

stars total victory countess come up here please the afterjets yes i will have yes i will have the afterjets the burning of another cup my religion in monsoon season sparks will fly
i hate to have to tell the old man
sparks will fly captain hardigan of the straits

what a glorious daybreak followed this dark night! the sea no longer
tossed our ship. under the skilled guidance of the pilot, who had just
arrived, and whose bronze form was so sharply defined against the pale
sky, our steamer, breathing heavily with its broken machinery, slipped
over the quiet, transparent waters of san francisco bay straight to
north beach.

will fly of the straits wild eyed tatanya you don't know strange things will happen is death captain hardigan and the word you don't know in monsoon season treasure! the meaning of the word in monsoon season gold! the gods is death is death you don't know captain hardigan the meaning of the word the gods dont care with sparks will fly the meaning of the word that will set you free and the world strange things happen jewels! is death you don't know wildeyed tatanya

after the tropical nights of the pacific ocean and the scorching hot days
that had tortured us since singapore , we, people of the distant north, now
experienced something strange and unwonted, as if the very fresh soft
air had cast its spell over us. there was not a cloud in the sky,
thickly strewn with dying stars.

and the word don't argue with the gods strange strings will happen ivory! in monsoon season captain hardigan had a word with wildeyed tatanya don't expect much of the straits strange mutterings are heard and the words wildeyed tatanya running down he heard of british headquarters mockery running don on the white counter of british headquarters

"i'm sorry but these women can not be released."

and suddenly, almost without interval between darkness and light, the
red-hot globe, emerging on the opposite side from under oakland, leant
his golden chin on alcatraz island and seemed to stop for
a while, as if examining us.

on the white counter he heard on the white counter mockery a strange bird he was very far in her slender fingers from home the yellow light he heard in her dark eyes a strange bird in her dark eyes the winding hills the yellow light the winding hills running down mockery of british headquarters of british headquarters a strange bird the yellow light he was very far of british headquarters tenderness the winding hills in her slender fingers from home from home running down from home in her slender fingers tenderness the yellow knight he was very far gone tenderness he heard in her dark eyes in her dark eyes in her slender finery a strange bird tenderness

the winding hills he was very far on the white counter with a knife wild eyed tatanya on every door windshield wipers
"why isn't mom coming with us?"
the streaming rain of the rocket base too late or soft miss luna pounding knocking windshield wipers too late have you seen windshield wipers with a knife with a gun or soft miss luna at the gates have you seen pounding of the rocket base of the rocket base on every door too late joe wildeyed tatanya or soft miss luna lucifer have you seen pounding at the gates knocking the streaming rain at the gates knocking beelzebub at the gates wildeyed tatanya pounding on soft miss luna too late the streaming rain the streaming rain the horned one windshield wipers moloch wildeyed tatanya with a knife
"how did she get in here again? i thought you had her taken care of."
knocking of the engines at the rocket base on every door have you seen on every door

many words taken from "from the caves and jungles of hindostan" by helena petrovna blavatsky


Friday, August 21, 2009

go home to your wife and family in the third race

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the panatella the panatella with a single slice with a single slice swift in the third race irish the panatella never moved crackling green this is what men never moved this is what men in the third race but that's all right swift the panatella irish crackling green wit a single slice never moved never moved his heavy eyelids with wide eyes irish with heavy eyelids die for with a single slice crackling green swifty irish with gravy eyelids with wide eyes between his fingers this is what men die for between his fingers
"irene, goodnight irene"
between his five fingers
"go home to your wife and family"
die for swift this is what men but that's what they say all right but that's all right with wide eyes in the third race between his trembling fingers die for his drooping eyelids but that's all right crackling green
"i'm going to take morphine and die"
soothing words can not go i work here soothing words i work here no sir big expenses big profiits big profits of january 14 exploding galaxies big expenses a few more questions

the music had stopped
"why are there police everywhere?"
and then no sir a few more questions and then slowly expanding galaxies and then big profits i can not go i work here on january 14 you can go on january 14 endlessly expanding and exploding galaxies over the counter i can not leave officer i work here just a few more questions big expenses big expenses one last question no sir on the night i can not go and then on the night over the counter over the counter
a piece of blueberry pie would be nice
you can go soothing words big profits of january 14 on the night on the night soothing words still more exploding galaxies you can go you can run no sir strictly over the counter his heavy eyelids and wiggling i work here midnight a real man o mama! but chief slower smile his heavy eyelids slower smile my name is a real man midnight midnight in the oasis but chief i work here and wiggling right through it slower smile but chief right through it in a red chair in the oasis o mama! in the desert night his heavy eyelids grew even heavier my name is but chief i work here and wiggling black coffee
"be patient"
slower smile in a red chair midnight and wiggling a real man black coffee and all his buddies in their green chairs my name is my name is

"we don't care what your name is"
right through it in the desert night o mama! i work here black coffee o mama! black coffee right through it in a red chair
straw hats you have been issued entirely at random you men you men and bananas on the horizon victory those weapons have been selected entirely at random these weapons on the horizon you men and bananas straw hats entirely at random for breakfast between the trees for a purpose between the trees beyond the river the oil rig the oil rig have been selected you have been issued
"the revolutionaries make our job easier in the long run"
have been selected these weapons you have been issued you have been issued the oil business these rifles beyond the river and bananas for a purpose victory for breakfast for lunch for dinner for a purpose straw hats the oil rig for a purpose on the horizon straw hats victory you men on the horizon have been selected entirely at random
by fate
and bananas victory total victory a black pigeon my religion come up here on vallejo street total victory


Friday, August 7, 2009

please call me a real man with a jelly donut

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on west 48th street a blue centipede every day when callahan was a little boy when callahan every day was a little boy when callahan when callahan in a red chair every day every color a blue centipede in a red chair of the rainbow the elevated portugese sailors
"now some folks say a preacher won't steal"
portugese sailors on west 48th street a blue centipede in a red chair every color was a little boy every color women! in new york every day in new york a blue centipede
"i forgot all about this stuff"

portugese sailors fifty newspapers fifty newspapers poerugese sailors the elevated in new york the elevated of the rainbow women! the elevated was a little boy fifty newspapers in new york of the rainbow women! every color on west 48th street fifty newspapers of the rainbow in a red chair dames! why aren't you in the frozen dawn hey bog boy tugboats jack jack jack satana my name is see this see this satana my name is is see this see this satana my name is tugboats and a jelly donut why aren't you and a jelly donut kill me hey big boy satana in the frozen dawn black coffee see this in the frozen dawn tell me hey big boy choirs of angels
"i can steal a chicken any time"
why aren't you see this in the frozen dawn my name is in uniform jack tugboats lend me a dollar choirs of angels in uniform my name is tugboats why aren't you choirs of angels black coffee in uniform sarana hey big boy black coffee sweep me off my feet in uniform and a jelly donut

and a jelly donut it shines quite dead quite dead my ex-husband it shines quite dead miss lucifer wake up laura a real man laura please call me a real man with a badge waiting outside on the red sidewalk miss lucifer of 1935 it shines on the hard sidewalk please call me you jackass waiting
"jim never hits a woman with his hat on"
outside on the cold icy sidewalk my ex-husband wake up laura with a badge a real man wake up and so you jackass you imbecile miss lucifer of 1935 with a badge and so please call me waiting outside and so my ex-husband a real man it shines you pathetic moron waiting outside my ex-husband laura quite dead
"not her again?"
with a badge please call me and so on the icy sidewalk he met his death before blastoff we're in love with clutching fingers wouldn't you say and shining green pathetic drifting blue
"we'll get it updated as soon as possible"
we're in love goodbye five times in her eyes drifting blue in albany new york in her eyes we're in love he cheated her in binghamton new york before blastoff desperately and shining green goodbye with clutching fingers wouldn't you say goodbye desperately pathetic with clutching fingers before blastoff he took her for a ride and shining green pathetic in camden new jersey five times we're in love

the first thing connie thought of when ambrose deserted her was, where will i get bus fare
"everybody's satisfied if they've got a good mind"
wouldn't you say five times in her eyes he abandoned her with clutching fingers desperately in atlantic city new jersey wouldn't you say goodbye in her eyes desperately five times before blastoff blue and shining green he betrayed her drifting blue pathetic in the churning wake she screamed in the churning wake the boiling sea how to use do you know o mama! yang see an old sea dog a cunning old sea dog and a redheaded hell cat a brokendown old sea dog how do you do?
"i whipped my woman with a single tree
you should have heard her holler, don't you murder me"
use wild waves how to use do you know she screamed help me help me do you know yang see wild waves he laughed she screamed o mama! yang see that thing the boiling sea in the churning wake yang see an old sea dog wild waves and a redheaded hell cat

"son. if i had a nickel for every story like that i've heard on these docks - "
o mama! he laughed she screamed that thing is still out there wild waves the boiling sea that terrible thing that inexplicable thing help me he laughed and a redheaded hell cat do you know help me he laughed how to use and a redheaded hell cat with flashing green eyes o mama! in the churning wake the boiling sea in the third race with wide eyes