Friday, August 21, 2009

go home to your wife and family in the third race

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the panatella the panatella with a single slice with a single slice swift in the third race irish the panatella never moved crackling green this is what men never moved this is what men in the third race but that's all right swift the panatella irish crackling green wit a single slice never moved never moved his heavy eyelids with wide eyes irish with heavy eyelids die for with a single slice crackling green swifty irish with gravy eyelids with wide eyes between his fingers this is what men die for between his fingers
"irene, goodnight irene"
between his five fingers
"go home to your wife and family"
die for swift this is what men but that's what they say all right but that's all right with wide eyes in the third race between his trembling fingers die for his drooping eyelids but that's all right crackling green
"i'm going to take morphine and die"
soothing words can not go i work here soothing words i work here no sir big expenses big profiits big profits of january 14 exploding galaxies big expenses a few more questions

the music had stopped
"why are there police everywhere?"
and then no sir a few more questions and then slowly expanding galaxies and then big profits i can not go i work here on january 14 you can go on january 14 endlessly expanding and exploding galaxies over the counter i can not leave officer i work here just a few more questions big expenses big expenses one last question no sir on the night i can not go and then on the night over the counter over the counter
a piece of blueberry pie would be nice
you can go soothing words big profits of january 14 on the night on the night soothing words still more exploding galaxies you can go you can run no sir strictly over the counter his heavy eyelids and wiggling i work here midnight a real man o mama! but chief slower smile his heavy eyelids slower smile my name is a real man midnight midnight in the oasis but chief i work here and wiggling right through it slower smile but chief right through it in a red chair in the oasis o mama! in the desert night his heavy eyelids grew even heavier my name is but chief i work here and wiggling black coffee
"be patient"
slower smile in a red chair midnight and wiggling a real man black coffee and all his buddies in their green chairs my name is my name is

"we don't care what your name is"
right through it in the desert night o mama! i work here black coffee o mama! black coffee right through it in a red chair
straw hats you have been issued entirely at random you men you men and bananas on the horizon victory those weapons have been selected entirely at random these weapons on the horizon you men and bananas straw hats entirely at random for breakfast between the trees for a purpose between the trees beyond the river the oil rig the oil rig have been selected you have been issued
"the revolutionaries make our job easier in the long run"
have been selected these weapons you have been issued you have been issued the oil business these rifles beyond the river and bananas for a purpose victory for breakfast for lunch for dinner for a purpose straw hats the oil rig for a purpose on the horizon straw hats victory you men on the horizon have been selected entirely at random
by fate
and bananas victory total victory a black pigeon my religion come up here on vallejo street total victory


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