Saturday, September 26, 2009

yes i will have the afterjets on vallejo street

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total viceroy thank you at last you tried krajewski koreski thank you yes i will have the afterjets on vallejo street a black pigeon a red seagull

late in the evening of the sixteenth of february, --79, after a rough
voyage which lasted thirty-two days, joyful exclamations were heard
everywhere on deck.

count mickiewicz come up here my religion at least you tried the vanishing stars on mission street my religion at least you tried thank you another cup the afterjets at least you tried did i mention that before
the vanishing stars the vanishing stars another cup the burning of thank you the burning of come up here a white dove on 16th street yes i will have the vanishing

cards, books, music, everything was forgotten. everyone rushed on deck.
the stars winked at us like so many huge
eyes in the black sky, on one side of which shone the golden gate bridge

stars total victory countess come up here please the afterjets yes i will have yes i will have the afterjets the burning of another cup my religion in monsoon season sparks will fly
i hate to have to tell the old man
sparks will fly captain hardigan of the straits

what a glorious daybreak followed this dark night! the sea no longer
tossed our ship. under the skilled guidance of the pilot, who had just
arrived, and whose bronze form was so sharply defined against the pale
sky, our steamer, breathing heavily with its broken machinery, slipped
over the quiet, transparent waters of san francisco bay straight to
north beach.

will fly of the straits wild eyed tatanya you don't know strange things will happen is death captain hardigan and the word you don't know in monsoon season treasure! the meaning of the word in monsoon season gold! the gods is death is death you don't know captain hardigan the meaning of the word the gods dont care with sparks will fly the meaning of the word that will set you free and the world strange things happen jewels! is death you don't know wildeyed tatanya

after the tropical nights of the pacific ocean and the scorching hot days
that had tortured us since singapore , we, people of the distant north, now
experienced something strange and unwonted, as if the very fresh soft
air had cast its spell over us. there was not a cloud in the sky,
thickly strewn with dying stars.

and the word don't argue with the gods strange strings will happen ivory! in monsoon season captain hardigan had a word with wildeyed tatanya don't expect much of the straits strange mutterings are heard and the words wildeyed tatanya running down he heard of british headquarters mockery running don on the white counter of british headquarters

"i'm sorry but these women can not be released."

and suddenly, almost without interval between darkness and light, the
red-hot globe, emerging on the opposite side from under oakland, leant
his golden chin on alcatraz island and seemed to stop for
a while, as if examining us.

on the white counter he heard on the white counter mockery a strange bird he was very far in her slender fingers from home the yellow light he heard in her dark eyes a strange bird in her dark eyes the winding hills the yellow light the winding hills running down mockery of british headquarters of british headquarters a strange bird the yellow light he was very far of british headquarters tenderness the winding hills in her slender fingers from home from home running down from home in her slender fingers tenderness the yellow knight he was very far gone tenderness he heard in her dark eyes in her dark eyes in her slender finery a strange bird tenderness

the winding hills he was very far on the white counter with a knife wild eyed tatanya on every door windshield wipers
"why isn't mom coming with us?"
the streaming rain of the rocket base too late or soft miss luna pounding knocking windshield wipers too late have you seen windshield wipers with a knife with a gun or soft miss luna at the gates have you seen pounding of the rocket base of the rocket base on every door too late joe wildeyed tatanya or soft miss luna lucifer have you seen pounding at the gates knocking the streaming rain at the gates knocking beelzebub at the gates wildeyed tatanya pounding on soft miss luna too late the streaming rain the streaming rain the horned one windshield wipers moloch wildeyed tatanya with a knife
"how did she get in here again? i thought you had her taken care of."
knocking of the engines at the rocket base on every door have you seen on every door

many words taken from "from the caves and jungles of hindostan" by helena petrovna blavatsky


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