Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the red sun has a face

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the skin ice let's go lets see let's go in the dorwat suddenly suddenly black coffee slowly the skin in the doorway lets see i have a name clack coffee under the counter i have a mame some id let's go lets see slowly the skin ice in a styrofoam cup some id in the soorway officer officer in a styrofoam cup i have a name some id

"it's not like the movies."

"yes it's exactly like the movies."

under the counter leys see the cop the cop under the counter some id black coffee slowly the skin officer suddenly in a styrofoam cup the cop in a styrofoam cup under the counter black coffee suddenly the cop in the doorway offier i have a name ice

he made short work of him

has a face and theur women or butterflies and their women like grapes the red sun the red sun galactic squadron lucfer lucufer closer and closer prince of darkness or butterflies prince of darkness galactic squadron closer and closer the brave men like grapes and their woman the brave menn galactic squadron has a face of the

"so you have no qualms, darl krogar, about sending these brave men off to their almost certain deaths?"

"what exactly is a qualm, my lord? if i may answer a question with a question."

ninth blast off or butterflies galactic squadron and the brave men blast off of the ninth the brave men the red sun of the ninyth of the ninth blat off or butterflies the red sun has a face like grapes like grapes he streaning stars the streaming stars lucifer lucifer prince of darkness closer and closer closer and closer a nice guy it's getting dark

"if you will excuse me, i have work to do."

is green the tree is yellow is cold an albatross is yellow the fat man the fat man ate a hot dog a nice guy the dod the dog the fat man is yellow a nice gut ate a hot dog my toes itch yje fat man women are strange it's getting dark a nice gut the coffee

"i'm sorry buy i have to let you go"

ate a hotdog women ae strange the coffee is yellow the coffee is cold women ate strange the dog my feet iych an arbitrator it's getting dark is green my ears itch

"you won't get a better deal anywhere."

thetree women are strong i itch all over is green the dog the tree the coffee ate a hot dog is cold sin an avalanche it's getting dark an acrobat is green is cold the tree behid the tree look ye serpent red hair on the horizon

"she is showing her true colors."



Anonymous said...
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Old 333 said...

For a minute at the yellow fat i thought I was on acid again. I mean, not really, but I think for a second I went somewhere there, possibly with you (the poet) possibly with some other yellow nice gut fat man. Anyway, is gut. I like this. Thank you for making your art public. Although if I read too many other poets my own stuff goes all weird. I really do like this. Too bad I don't get out more, I'd have more fun.