Monday, April 27, 2009

with her white gun blazing

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to the beach green seaweed green seeweed green seaweed but i give you to the beach nithing tonight the long waves and dridtwwod want to party and werewolf teeth sorry boss to the beacj nothing tonoght numver 48 with skinny legs take he express and were wplf teeth the long waves number 38 a goof cheeseburger

"i was expecting a little more"

sirry boss want to party green seaweed and druftwood nymber 38 the long waves take the express and werewplf teeth want too party a good cheeseburger with skinny legs but i give you and driftwwod to the beach sorry boss but i give you want to party with skinny legs and werewolf teeth and druftwwod a good vheeseburger

"some people would complain if you hanged them with a brand new rope."

but i give you nymber 38 the long waves nothing tonight take the express because we toolit

"the beer is ok."

and railrods stopto everywhere to everywhere pour world and blue lights and blue lights to everywhere we earned it we earned it our qorld and and railrods golden foam our world stop and think about it 25 vents for ten minutes stop 25 cents bottlr od bud and raileods bottle of bud and blue lights golden foam and yhink about it

"there's a reason they call it the express."

bottle of bud for ten minutes we eearned it brcause we took it for ten minutes midnight fires for ten minutes stop midnight fires golden foam and railrosds we earned it midnight fires

"i was thinking about nellie -"

to everywhere 25 cents and think about it and blue lights bottle of bud our world 25 v4nts because we took it and think about it colfen foam because we tool it midnight fires sunset flashing

"there was something i wanted to tell you but i forgot it."

with her white slade's back ell grandma she's so pretty is that your sunset flashing on the cactus on the cacyus wedding dress get out of town sweet darling the rattkesnake tell grandma seeet darling subset flsshig little doll blazing gun tell grabdma is that your get out of town she's so pretty wedding dress with her white with her white blazing gun is that your sweet garling she's so pretty slade's back

"send a couple of cars out there.'

wedding dress the rattlesnake on the cactus lettle doll the rattlesnake the rattlesnake blazing gun get out of town lettle dll sweet darling tell grandma sunset
octopus eyes in the seaweed

flashing little doll wedding dress blazing gun slasde's back on the cactus slade's back is that your with her white she's so pretty get out of town the swirling waters

"some citizens are complaining."

in the fifth race still running born to win scratch daiy double leave a light on in the fifth race scratch scratch heavens to betsy still running jicks out born to win the secret teaching of long black limousine scratch tin he third race kick back born to

"you should read edgar cayce."

"charles fort is my guy."

win leave a light on beelzebub beelzebub the swirking waters hello baby kicks back long black limousine ashtaroth still running leave a light on in the fifth race edgar cayce hello baby hello babi in the fifth race born to win the secret teachng of kickingback leave a light on the secret teaching of beelzebub ashtaroth st john the swirling waters beelzebub ashtaroth st michael

with his uporaides sword

the swirling waters scratched again long black limousine ashtaroth still running the secret teachung of let's go ice slowly

wanderiung along the seashore with the crabs


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corfubob said...

Argh i cant go any further but i know i will have to one day because i liked it very much.

This totally unique but i would say that because i don't know anything right? No i know a lot and did poetry when i was at school 50 years ago. You can tell i know but you hate what i do if you are either modern or classical. Anyway I might post something i did more than 10 years ago, but you may not understand it because it means something.. Only joking Rhoda.

Back to normal. Are you going to tell me privately how you did this Rhoda. I do want to know but perhaps you don't have time. I won't tell anyone. Any rules about being a contributor? I am really proud to have your site on my dashboard.