Thursday, June 18, 2009

don't disrespect mama running away

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thought just when from the reservation you were safe can you handle it through the universe through the ubniverse red rockets can you handle it running away you

"somehow i don't think the minister is reading my memos"

"nobody has ever read any of your memos, darl krogar. that is the problem."

thought mama that's my star red rockets that's my star from the reservation mama

"a new approach is needed."

"i like that phrase - a new approach,"

katherine silently handed him the back of a letter on which she had

scribbled down the items.

"what is the use of showing me this, when I cannot read--i am an alligator -?" he exclaimed, impatiently.

calling susan to assist in the search, katherine looked carefully in the

hall, but in vain, when her young assistant gave a howl of pain - she had

trodden on lord allendale's hybrid of bulldod and tarantula as it lay between a mangy mat and the foot of

the stairs.

when can you handle it with my religion don't fool just when the reservation hey man from the reservation through the universe don't disrespect mama running away you thought you were safe that's my star with my religion can you handle it you were

"a year! by jove! And you always look well dressed! you are a wonderful

woman! now I must be off. mrs burnett says she will send the carnivore

for you on thursday. we sail down to tierra del fuego to purchase some caterpillars and servants

through the universe just when mama red rockets heyman with my religion just safe don't worry with my religion don't laugh hey man fresh out of strawberries


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Old 333 said...

Bulldods. Makes me think of Spike Milligan and John Lennon crossed.