Monday, July 6, 2009

fat toes got wider over the desert

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even harder even harder and wider i want you over the desert suddenly i want you and wider over the desert her face her soul the jets the ketchup bottle suddenly her
"i never said she had a wonderful personality"
"you never really liked her did you?"
wonderful personality i want you got wider her eyes shaking shaking over the desert got wider and wiggling the ketchup bottle and wider and wiggling raven harder the jets her fat toes her fat tapes got wider and wonder her eyes shaking i want you suddenly her fat toes got wider over the desert even harder her eyes her

they got out of the car slowly

"that's bad! you are not in the business, i believe?"

eyes suddenly yikes jets and wiggling shaking her beautiful smile her fat toes the ketchup bottle and wiggling you understand nobody else by spanish joe has
all eyes were on them

"no, i never took any part in it. i almost regret i did not.

detritus has despair got knifed tortello you understand who knows where nobody else has a dime nobody else kryslewski abercrombie in north beach over that chinese girl slow headlights by spanish joe has dutifully declined abercrombie
abercrombie was the laziest detective in the department but he was lucky
slow headlights in north beach slow headlights abercrombie in north beach over that chinese girl tortello slow headlights tortello you understand slower smile by
kryslewski tried hard but just couldn't cut the mustard

spanish joe krsylewski you understand over that chinese girl slower smile slower smile over that chinese girl abercrombie tortello got knifed nobody else in north beach by spanish joe who knows where who knows what who knows whoa big
"callahan is the last guy i would have thought would get involved in something like this"
fella tortello kryslewski got knifed in his bank account her silk dress the chinaman over the curb in his great remorse over the curb on grant avenue any sense her silk

both had the indescribable well-groomed, freshly bathed look peculiar to
englishmen of the "upper ten."

red dress midnight with a tommy gun the chinaman her silk dress only money ant
"nobody is asking you to think, just check it out"
sense midnight only money in his pathetic excuses sweet and sour got the cards any sense he never had on grant avenue her silk dress the chinaman on grant
'i feel lucky. this is going to be my night."
avenue with a tommy gun midnight with a tommy gun he never had only money

"my father was seized with a paralysis last week. he had just come up to town, and for a few days was dangerously ill, but is now slowly recovering."

over your curb sweet and sour in his dreams sweet and south the laundryman he never had with a tommy gun oyster chow mein any sense cut the cards sweet and

"you should have had your fortune told before you went to see the gypsy."
sweeter beef chow mein on grant avenue shrimp chow mein deal the cards play the cards over the curb midnight he never had only money chicken chow mein on west 48th street in new york city



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